Zones and Buildings in SimCity BuildIt

Simcity Buildit Tricks

SimCity BuildIt is a part of the Sim Series which has been in existence since 1980’s. This app can be downloaded in both Android and Apple devices alike and offers a down-sized version of the game console. It requires some amount of patience to build a neighbourhood, but once you start building, you will start growing at a fast pace.Taxes depend on how happy the residents of the city are instead of using a slider.

SimCity BuildIt has three major zones namely residential, industrial and commercial. Residential: Tokyo tow zone, the Parisian zone and the regular residential zone are the three zones that are present in the residential zone. These zones are influenced by  land value, where higher value of lands indicate higher likelihood of people moving in and lower value of land indicate lower likelihood of people moving in. Based on the amount of wealth possessed by a household, homes can be luxurious homes, premium homes and standard homes. Before Tokyo and Parisian, regular homes are the ones that are generally available. On unlocking an airport, Parisian zone is made available and after services are provided at the airport, Tokyo Town Zones will become available. To obtain special items, airport shipments should be completed. These special items are important in expanding the City area. Commercial and Industrial: These are the areas where many industries and markets are built. The availability of these areas guarantees that people can reside nearby. Moreover, industrial zones have a number of industries where products are being manufactured and are also helpful in moving to the next level.

SimCity Buildit Tricks

Certain buildings are already present in the city by default but are locked and can be accessed only at high levels. A drawback with these buildings is that they cannot be added in, removed or moved. Mayor’s Contest Tower, Dr.Vu’sTower, Global Trade HQ, Trade Depot, Port and Airport are some of the default buildings that are available by default.

Besides park, building or department head quarters are essential for city specialization building. Other than building HQs, departments and parks all city specialization buildings need golden key. Unlike park, these other specialization buildings add land value and population to the zone. The Specialization buildings include gambling, entertainment, transportation, education, mountain, beach, worship, landmarks and parks.

When playing SimCity, the special items that you collect play an important role. In fact, to bring about a disaster, these special items are essential. There are 6 major disasters that can be provoked to help you destroy a city. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to hack simcity buildit, The biggest advantage of this game is that you can play it on the go as it has been downsized and made compatible for smaller devices. So you can play this game wherever you are and whenever you want and with SimCity BuildIt Tips you are bound to move forward at a fast pace. Though there are some differences between SimCity BuildIt and the rest of the Sim series, it still proves to be worth your while.